Sanctuary Point Connect receives funding from the Department of Education to operate.  Our Partner organizations provide non-financial support.  Sanctuary Point Connect does not have a 'not for profit' status.


Attendees are asked to make loose change donations. Contributions will be based on the family NOT the number of children in attendance.  


Donations can be made in one lump sum during the term. Receipts will be issued upon request. Donations will be logged each week, and the petty cash account will be available for review by attendees. Contributions will not be closely monitored nor will families be checked off. We understand that not all families can afford to donate.

Donations will be used to purchase replacement toys, additional educational toys/resources, craft supplies, celebrate special events, cleaning products, tea and coffee supplies, etc.  By collecting loose change donations, money in Connect’s budget will be channelled to wages for Play Helpers, who are qualified Childcare Educators.



Each term Sanctuary Point Connect offers Parenting courses.  At Sanctuary Point Connet we believe that these courses should be free and we have sought out partnerships with organisations such as Anglicare, CatholicCare, Bay and Basin Community Resrouces Inc. and Family Services Australia who feel the same way.  Sanctuary Point Connect has offered child minding services in conjunction with Parent Education to allow parent/carers who do not have additional childminding support to attend these courses.


A one-off $5 donation will be requested from parents/carers utilising the childminding service.   This donation will cover the additional costs involved with child-minding. See above regarding receipts and lodging monies raised.



Sanctuary Point Connect is happy to accept material donations; the only requirement is that we have the right to donate any items not needed to the local charity shop.   If you wish to give something that has sentimental value to you and you do not wish it to be broken, please re-consider donating it to the centre. 


Items we are seeking:

- quality dress-ups and toys

- stationery and craft supplies

- musical instruments

- outdoor play equipment

- excess garden produce

- mulch and sand for the sandpit


(a Schools as Community Centres Project)

in the grounds of Sanctuary Point Public School

41 Idlewild Avenue, Sanctuary Point NSW 2540  |   Telephone: (02) 4443 0520




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