Driveway Safety Display Kit

Traffic related injury is one of the leading causes of death and serious injury for young children.  Whenever cars or other vehicles are about, young children are at risk.  This includes roads (public and private), car parks, footpaths, driveways, caravan parks, farms and unfenced yards.


The Healthy Cities Illawarra Driveway Safety Display Kit highlights the difficulty drivers have in seeing small children behind reversing vehicles.  It can be used as one of the many strategies to help prevent the tragic death or injury of young children, especially in home driveways.


To book the Driveway Safety Display Kit contact the Facilitator at Sanctuary Point Connect on 4443 0520.


The kit may be borrowed for up to 2 weeks for each service.  There are instructions for how to use the kit in the case.  It is suitable for playgroups, child care services and schools.


When making a booking please provide the Facilitator with 2 preferred pick-up dates.  


Please note each service is responsible for organising the collection and return either to Sanctuary Point Connect or to the next service using the kit.  To make it easy for you and Sanctuary Point Connect please try and organise in a cluster of Services.  

The Driveway safety display kit contains:

  • Four Plywood figures consisting of four pieces each (average height of an 18 month old child)

  • A driveway safety display information booklet containing instructions and tips on how to set up and run the interactive display

  • A measuring tape

  • A laminated copy of the NRMA Reversing Visibility Index poster

  • A clipboard for use with the driveway safety display survey

  • A laminated master copy of the driveway safety display survey for reproduction purposes

  • A laminated master copy of the brochure “Where are your Kids? Child Safety in Your Driveway” for reproduction purposes

  • A plastic folder containing evaluation/feedback forms and a laminated master copy for your reproduction purposes

  • A CD-ROM containing a short PowerPoint presentation on driveway safety and the prevention of low speed run over injuries  

  • A hard copy of the presentation WITH NOTES is included in the Kit


Please note that the contents of the kit are on loan to you.  Please ensure that the suitcase and ALL its contents are returned to the following address:


Sanctuary Point Connect
Sanctuary Point Public School
Idlewild Avenue
Sanctuary Point NSW 2540
Phone:   02 444 3 0520


The Driveway Safety Display Kit is an iniativie of Healthy Cities Illawarra.

(a Schools as Community Centres Project)

in the grounds of Sanctuary Point Public School

41 Idlewild Avenue, Sanctuary Point NSW 2540  |   Telephone: (02) 4443 0520




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